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Dedicated Anointed Young Mime Ministry was created to help mold youth and young adults to become productive citizens within their homes, communities, and this world by giving them a message through dance, encouraging word, and being a good living example. This ministry intends to make a better place today and for the future generations.

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Greetings and salutations!

I pray all is well!!! I just wanted to honor this ministry. As I was driving today, I was reminded of how the founder of this ministry reached out to me to be an intercessor at one of the events… YEARS AGO! Now initially I was scared and was like “😳😳😳”. I remember preparing the event, it would push me to pray every night so that way I could be prepared for the day of. Never in my life did I consider myself an intercessor. Fast forward to today, I see that Tomanise saw ahead of time and was able to pinpoint the call of God over my life. What I’m walking in today, is what Tomanise saw years ago, and for that I honor this ministry. Thank you for planting that seed within me, rest assure that God truly has watered the seed and has built me into an intercessor for this nation. So again, thank you!! Keep going! May Day Mime Ministry flourish in 2024 and touch many more lives!

Sarah Alexia ❤️

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